WEEK 5: LuLaRoe Queue

Hey, Hey, HEY!!!  TODAY starts WEEK 5 in the queue!!!  That means we POTENTIALLY have 3-4 weeks left before we get our call to onboard with LuLaRoe!!  BUT- things are picking up with the calling side of things and it could actually be sooner than that time-frame!!  From what I saw today, they are on-boarding through August 30th today, and I am September 12th!

So this past week we started painting with the help of my sister!  Actually, she did most of it and was very helpful!  She painted into the late evening on Saturday and then from morning to afternoon on Sunday until we ran out of paint.  It is looking amazing!!  I am so happy to get rid of that ugly mauve color.  Our furniture is scheduled to be delivered Saturday, and then we will start working on shelving and hanging racks next week!

We did a give away this week in my LuLaRoe group and I was able to give away 4 pair of leggings.  I grew our group to 380 people so far with that one give away.  This friday we will be doing another give away for some LuLa- CASH so make sure you join the group so you don’t miss out!!

I am really looking forward to starting our business!!  It can not get here fast enough!  Stay Tuned to MORE updates soon!


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