Week 3 in the Lularoe Queue

Well here we are I just completed my third week in queue!  It didn’t go quite like I wanted it to because, lets face it, life with eight children NEVER goes the way you want it to!  I had TWO days last week to get my room cleared out and while I made a huge dent in the room, it is far from cleared out!  Thursday and Friday we were out of town at doctor appointments and Saturday I had the privilege of joining my sister, and sponsor, at a local vendor event!  I learned so much from her, from what to say to customers, to different ways to wear my Lularoe outfits.  I had a great time helping and learning from her!

When I got home Saturday afternoon my sweet boy (8 mo) had a low grade fever.  I spent the evening snuggling with him and nursing (literally) him back to health.  By late that evening he was really feeling rough and his fever was up to 103.  By Sunday night he was so beside himself with not feeling well, he refused to sleep and just cried and cried!  I spent most of the night holding him and consoling him and then by Tuesday his fever had subsided but was back that afternoon.  We took him for a doctor visit and it seems it is a sore throat with a virus.  So my boy is a little more needy than my girls ever were so he has stayed close to mommy this week!  Therefore, my Lularoom prep has gotten put on hold.

In the meantime, I have been researching periscope, building my instagram following, and I did do that youtube video last week I promised! 🙂  There is still a lot to accomplish besides my room getting done, google documents for orders is something I still need to do this week.  I have ordered polymailers, and I was even able to snag a few solid colored leggins this week for some give-aways that I will be doing SOON!!

So going into week 4 this week, my goal is to continue to get that room knocked out!  I am planning to spend the entire weekend cleaning it out so that by MONDAY I will be heading over to buy my paint!!  I can not wait to show you all our Lula Room SOON!!!  Stay tuned!!


2 thoughts on “Week 3 in the Lularoe Queue

    • LulaRoe is a clothing line that is taking the fashion world by storm. The line is made up of comfy, very wearable clothes — various tee shirt styles, leggings, tunics, and a few dresses — in a pretty wide size range. They also have men’s and Children’s available as well!

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