Every little girl can be Cinderella…..

I spent the day with my 7 year old today.  We left late this morning, grabbed some lunch and headed to the movie theater to see the new “Cinderella” movie.  I have LOVED the story of Cinderella since I was a little girl, I think all little girls at one time want to be Cinderella!

Recently we have been running into some new avenues with parenting that we didn’t expect for a while.  “CRUSHES!”  Why does my belly feel funny when that boy is around?  Why are we saving kisses for marriage? Why should I not hug a boy?    These questions are so hard for me to answer in 9 year old language!  It is really hard for me to explain certain things to a child who isn’t old enough to know the big picture yet, but still becoming curious about God’s design.  In my mind since my oldest was born I’ve pictured her growing up and finding a Godly man and having the perfect fairy tale marriage…then I say to myself, “Life isn’t a fairy tale.”

I heard this all the time growing up!  “Life isn’t a fairy tale!”  “Marriage isn’t a fairy tale!” “Marriage is hard work!” But I realized today while watching “Cinderella” that- that is EXACTLY what my girls should be looking for and nothing less!!  Why not teach them that their own love story can really be exactly like Cinderella?

Even in a fairy tale, there is hurt, there is loss, there is struggle!  Cinderella lost both her parents and was left to be a servant in her own home!  She wasn’t allowed time for mourning, she still was forced to get up every day and go to work!  She was isolated, lonely, and treated like dirt!  But still– in the midst of the storm she found joy!  She marveled at God’s creation, the gardens, the animals, the birds of the air.  She didn’t wallow in her sorrow of how miserable her life was, but she was joyful always, and made the best of her situation.  She wasn’t a fan of her “boss” or step-mom but she still treated her with respect because she was her superior.  She made promises to both her parents and she was vigilant in keeping her word to them.

Each meeting she had with the prince, you could see by his look how much he loved her.  It showed in his actions towards her and his words that he chose.  He only touched her a twice before they were married.  While they were dancing his touch was respectful, and appropriate for dance.  It was obvious that he was being gentle with her, and treated her like she was delicate.  The next time he touched her was to hold her hand after he had asked her to marry him.  He did not kiss her till they were married.  He did not speak any ill word to her, but only words to encourage her, lift her up, build her up, and make her feel how loved she is, he accepted her for who she was and didn’t need her to be someone else for him to love her.

The Prince was being pushed to marry someone he did not love.  Someone he knew was not God’s best for him.  She was beautiful but there was something not quite right about it.  His father was dying and most people want to be married and have their parents present for their weddings but The Prince knew that it wasn’t right.  He chose to wait for God’s best and not go off and choose just anyone because he was tired of waiting for her.  They searched the entire kingdom for the girl whose foot was the exact size to fit that slipper perfectly.  He could have picked someone who was close to fitting it, or whose foot fit but was really tight….but he waited…And soon he found his princess and the wait was completely worth it.

God has a spouse out there for my girls.  The perfect husband for them!  A prince who will carry around a glass slipper and wait for God to bring them together!  God’s best, is out there for them and if they guard their hearts from all the other glass slippers that don’t fit correctly, and avoid giving away pieces of their hearts to others, one day- they will have a glass slipper of their own.  One day, they will have God’s best!!

My girls CAN have a Happily Ever After!  Yes of course marriage isn’t easy, but when two people know that they were made specifically for one another, and that they waited patiently for one another, then no one else will ever do!  They can work through the most difficult of circumstances, they can have a fairy tale romance.

My husband is completely without a doubt my best friend, my biggest fan, my greatest love, and God’s best for me.  Of course we have disagreements and get angry with one another but WILL live happily ever after because NO ONE ELSE will ever be able to fill my glass slippers for him, or me.  No other glass slipper given to me by anyone else will ever fit perfectly, or as comfortably as the one he has given me.  HE is my prince charming, and God gave me a real life fairy tale.

No little girl should ever give up their dream to be Cinderella!  Every girl is a princess of God and if she keeps her Joy, if she keeps her promises to the Lord, if she keeps her standards high according to God’s word–I truly believe that having a fairy tale romance can be realistic.  One day she will find her Prince!


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