A mini-recap of our summer 2014

So far this summer we have kinda been hermits! We haven’t done a whole lot outside the house this year because we’ve had so much to get done inside the house still from the move that it has kept us pretty busy. We still have a LONG way to go before things are all together around here but we’ve accomplished quite a bit!

We dug up two garden beds in the back yard this spring. They started out lovely but by the end- we got some blight and ended up just picking everything that we had so far and letting it go the rest of the summer. If I had not been SO pregnant I probably would have gotten it ready for some fall crops, however, I’ve not had enough energy to do that right now! They say it takes about 3 years for your garden to really grow well so, with that in mind, I’d say we did a pretty decent job for year one!

photo 1 (5)

We also have declared Friday nights “sewing night.” After the little kids go to bed the two older kids and I stay up an extra hour or two and make a sewing project. Our first project we did a few weeks ago- it was a headband, fairly easy for the girls to learn some sewing skills with. Our next project we will be making some bookmarks!

photo 2 (5)

We also had a few milestones this summer! Pumpkin (8), read, and finished her very first chapter book (my little pony) this summer. She has really developed a love for reading this summer! She has been keeping her bible in her bed and reading at night until she falls asleep. My husband and I bought her a book light to keep in her bed so that she can read till she is tired. She has really began to develop her reading skills. She also has enjoyed reading to the little kids at quiet time! She also enjoyed going to the library with our cousins who came to visit us this summer from Texas, and reading to her during quiet time while they were here!!

photo (12) photo (13)

Baby Dumplin (11 mo.) has started walking!! Her favorite thing to do is pull down the gate and try to climb the steps!! Finding a strong gate that will fit our steps has proven a challenge! I’ve resorted to making my own cloth gate which she is not fond of!! She will throw tempter tantrums and pull on it trying to get it to come down! This is a total different experience for me dealing with steps with our kids since we never had them before now! Not my favorite thing that is for sure!


I am now at 37 weeks with baby #7.  I feel like this time things have flown by but have slowed WAY down the last two weeks!  I’m getting more and more tired and more and more ready to have my baby here in our arms so that we can start watching her grow into an amazing young lady!!   I’ve spent most of my days this summer planning, printing, and preparing our homeschool curriculum for this year.  My kids are VERY ready to start the school year already but I’m a little hesitant to start before baby makes her appearance.  This is my first year that I’ve put together the curriculum from several different sources instead of buying a package that was already together and ready to go.  So this will be different but I’m looking forward to seeing how things work out this year.  I still have quite a bit of planning to finish up but we are looking good for at least the first four weeks or so.  

I think we are all ready for the changing of the season here.  We are ready for some cooler nights with the firepit and smores, and the ability to play outside again without feeling like we are going to die of heat stroke!  I see lots of painting coming up in my near future (after baby), and I can’t wait!!

Hopefully next time I’ll be blogging about my birth story- we are all ready for her, clothes and diapers washed, room is together, bag is almost packed!  We are just waiting on God’s perfect timing now!