Nesting in full force…..

This week marks week 31 of my pregnancy with baby #7. I’m running out of time and energy to get everything finished up that I want to finish up!! Two weeks ago, I couldn’t hardly get motivated to do much of anything around here. I was exhausted and had absolutely ZERO energy! All I wanted to do was sit around! I had been out of my vitamin D3 for a while and was starting to have a really hard time! My husband told me that it was vital that I get that worked into our budget for that week so that I started to feel better and could have more energy! I did, and by about day 3 of taking my D3 again- I was unstoppable!! For two days straight I sanded, primed, painted, decorated, and organized our homeschool room! I bought paint to do all that MONTHS ago and just haven’t had the energy till now. Within two days it was finished!




photo 4 (1)

I am especially proud of my curtains that I sewed! I have never made my own curtains before so I’m very excited about them! I also recruited my husband to help me build our own DIY white board!! I got the idea from Pinterest… we followed all the directions expect we made our a little smaller. You can find directions here. It cost us about 25.00 to make this board which is a huge savings, since whiteboards this size would be double if not triple that at the store!

photo (11)


photo 2 (2)

My favorite part of this room is the wall decal above my board. I had this bible verse made by For Namesake. They do amazing work and it is just the right finishing touch for my room! I am planning to order many more as I work my way through my house painting and making over each room- one at a time!

Once this room was complete the nesting got the best of me! I wanted to do MORE!! I decided to take my left over paint in and get it mixed to paint the foyer!! Once I started seeing the brown disappear off the walls- I wanted MORE gone!! Every room in this house except for the bedrooms upstairs, are different shades of brown! Even the TRIM- is brown!! DARK brown!! I used to be a huge fan of neutral colors but I can only handle SO MUCH brown! I need happy colors!! So this is what I did next- Foyer Make Over!!!




photo 2 (3)

I will be making a kinda “tribute” type thing to put above the white dresser with the verse “Now the Lord has given us room and we will flourish in the land” Genesis 26:22 Under that I will be hanging photos of our old 1000 sq. ft. house that we lived in with 8 of us next to this new house that God supplied for us with the date- this will allow us to always remember what God did for us last year, and will remind us always that this house is Gods house the minute we walk through the door!

My nesting projects did not just stop here…NOPE! My husband actually said, “I’m kinda afraid to give you the Vitamin D3 anymore after all this!” haha! Nesting in FULL Bloom!! Here are a few of my other projects we’ve done the last two weeks:

We’ve taken down our shutters and painted them:


photo 1 (4)


photo 2 (4)

We finally put up the trampoline- and we “Pintrestized” it by cutting up pool noodles to put around the springs- super cute and safer! :


photo (4)


I was working in the garden for a few hours each night when the sun started to go down- it has since been a little neglected with all my indoor projects but we will get back to the weeding this week! This is our first year doing a “In Ground” garden. At our old house we had a squarefoot garden and it was super easy to grow things! You just mix the soil and it was perfect! This time it has been a huge learning curve for me! We have two beds that are clay- we’ve been trying to get the soil nice and rich in those- and one huge one that was pretty good soil but now we are finding out we really need to lay down some lime in there! We planted 53 tomato plants this year and while they started out growing very nicely- we have some tomatoes on each plant- however; we have lots of ants attacking the ripe ones, and blight on the others! So we have some doctoring up to do! We have a few stalks of corn, and some other squash, pumpkins, and melons growing but slowly! They probably won’t harvest this year since they have been growing so slowly- but hopefully next year will be better. I hear it takes about 3 years to get a really nice growing garden! Can’t wait till we get there!

photo (10)

And well- I can’t let my creative side go during all the nesting! Here is my latest creation!! I wish I still dressed up in my suits every day for work- I would love to wear this one- but instead it is in my etsy shop.

It was super fun to make and I hope to make many more of these Chunky bead necklaces soon!!



So now I am off to have family night with my girls and sweet husband! We like having pizza then popcorn while we watch a new movie together. We are long overdue for some quality snuggle time! I am excited to spend some special time together as a family after three weeks of crazy!! I’m sure I’ll have many more projects soon to post before the baby comes!! Nesting is in FULL FORCE!!!


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