What I’ve been up to…

Life has been SUPER busy and exhausting these last two weeks!  I have been kinda in my own little world a little bit with trying to get everything done that I need to get done, marking things of my “To Do” list, and taking care of a sick baby.  My poor Baby Dumplin’ has come down with a double ear infection, and what they think could be pneumonia this week.  She is so miserable and hardly sleeps but an hour or two at a time keeping me up most of the night.  I’ve just hit 30 weeks pregnant with baby #7 and the tiredness of everything has hit me all at once!  I went from being full of energy to hardly holding up my head during the day!  Last week we had doctors appointments every day that week and just getting in and out of the car in the hot heat, along with having to carry in children, and being overly emotional caused me to really have a tough week!  Emotionally I was a mess, and everything made me cry!  I was loosing sleep over some family situations and to make matters worse, my anxiety came back full force!  I finally realized that I needed to pull back from everything, and everyone- including social media, family, friends, etc…in order to clear my mind, renew my spirit, spend time with God,  and get some much needed rest!  I planned to do this THIS week, however; the baby is not feeling well and I’m running on fumes trying to just be able to hold her and comfort her all night long.

I’ve also been putting together small crafts here and there and have been starting to fill up my etsy shop again.  When I first opened my shop it was to sell hair bows, however; so many people sell hair bows that it was just so tough to get any sales in that area!  I took a break from the bows awhile while I did some college courses and now that I’m taking a break from courses because of the baby coming, I’m passing time by trying my hand at some sewing, jewelry making and I even did a window decal!  I’m really excited about the decal!  I have been seeing so many people who have been forgetting about their children in their hot cars and they end up dying recently so I thought, “something has to be done!”   I created a removable decal to place on your side window or steering wheel that says, “Do Not Forget, Little Feet in the Back Seat!”  I know people think it is sad that we’ve come to a place in America where this is even needed, but the reality of it is that we have!  People who do not normally take a child to daycare, or child care providers who are not used to having a child with them and have their minds on other things- could make this mistake and my hope is that this decal will help them NOT TOO!!  You can find it here:   https://www.etsy.com/listing/193853926/little-feet-in-the-back-seat-vinyl-decal?ref=shop_home_active_2 

I have been obsessing over our recent grocery bill the last few weeks.  I’ve been searching and researching and reading books- trying to figure out how to get the most for our money when it comes to groceries.  I’ve planned out our grocery list for an entire month and have gotten our bill down at least 50.00 a week in the last 4 months but I’m determined to get it down another $50.00 in the next few months!  I don’t normally find a lot of coupons that help out but every penny counts so whatever I find I use.  I recently read the book “Cut your Grocery Bill in Half, by America’s Cheapest Family.”  I did find a few good tips in there but most everything they said I already do.  The few things I did take away from it was 1. Price match as much as you can at Walmart.  2.keep a record of what you pay for items so that when there is a better deal, you know it!  So I’ve been working on doing these two things the last few weeks as well.

I’ll probably take more time out next week for myself since I had another exhausting week this week, so if you don’t hear from me, I’m okay, I’m just catching up on my rest!!  I’m completely shocked that I am only 10 weeks from seeing our new baby!  Time has flown by!!  I’m off to make yet another “To Do” list 🙂


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