Summer is here!!!

We had an amazing week last week!  Our family went on vacation and had a blast together!!  I am happy to say that last week was the FIRST time in THREE YEARS that I did not have any lingering symptoms from my Post-pardom depression!  I have been amazed at how long the symptoms linger!  Yes it gets better over time, slowly, but to linger for over 3 years is just crazy to me!!  I was so thankful that for the first time last week, I was able to actually enjoy every single second I spent with my family and I hated to see it end!!  

I tried my best to stay away from the internet as much as possible unless everyone was sleeping.  It was really refreshing to not be looking at my phone every time it beeped but actually be able to go on with my day without interruption.  However, once we got home, I began feeling so overwhelmed at the amount of emails, messages, phone calls, appointments, etc that I had to catch up with from last week!!  I don’t think I’ve ever realized how much stress and time it takes from my life to be on the internet and to be honest I feel completely drained today after having to spend my day on the computer!  Each week I have to have at least ONE FULL day on the internet in order to keep our life flowing smoothly.  This includes my list above (appointments, emails, messages), as well as planning out our week, Meals, coupons, schedule, bills, activities for the kids, requesting library books, and I’m sure there is MANY more I’m missing!  I don’t think I ever really realized just HOW much we rely on the internet and while it does save time in some areas of our lives it takes away time in others.  Today was my planning day and I just couldn’t figure out why I felt so bad today compared to how great I felt all last week!  Then it hit me!  The stress that comes from being on facebook, reading all the news stories, having to sit on the computer all day planing out stuff and scheduling things is just not something I enjoy!  I want to be spending the day with my kids, and doing projects around our home instead of all this tedious, yet, necessary time consuming stuff on the computer!  So I’ve decided that for the summer months, I’m going to cut back the amount of time I’m on the internet during the day/evenings, and take back some of my time that I’m missing!  Life was much happier when I had less internet in it last week and didn’t have as many distractions!  I always feel like I have to check my email and facebook continuously during the day so that I can answer messages and questions that I get, but I’ve realized that if it is important it can wait on me!  

I am very excited about the summer starting!  We are not finished with school for the 2014 year because we do year round schooling, however we are going to change up our curriculum this summer and simplify things a bit.  I’ve been a bit convicted about my journey this year with our homeschooling and getting back to the basics of why we are doing homeschooling.  It’s so hard sometimes to lose focus on why you started doing this in the first place and get burned out so easily, and I believe that was me this year!  I began to get so burned out on all the complexity of each subject and school lost its luster for us all!  I began changing our curriculum in the middle of the year this year because I just was not satisfied with it.  Then after all the changes I still was not satisfied!  I realized that I was just complicating things by doing this and we need to just get back to the basics of my plan I had when Pumpkin was in Kindergarten!!  The most important thing to us about homeschooling was that God was in EVERYTHING we learned.  So I felt it was time to stop- regroup- and get back to my focus I had in the beginning instead of looking around me to other homeschooling families and thinking, “wow we haven’t even learned that yet!”  (there I go comparing again).  So we are simplifying for the summer and planning to get back to basics, flash cards, lots of reading, drills, and bible!!  If anyone sees me on the homeschool group asking about different curriculum for this summer tell me to STOP IT!!

I am excited to pick up my summer reading books from the library this week!  I’ve not been able to read a book since I started college this past January and I am so exited to get some books of my TO READ list!  So for those of you looking for a new read, this is what I will be reading: 

Unglued- Lysa Tyrkherst

My Story- Elizabeth Smart

Bringing up Girls- James Dobson

Cut your grocery bill in half, America’s Cheapest Family- Steve and Annette Economides

Allegient- Veronica Roth (already read 1/2 but time to finish it!)

Grace Based Parenting -Tim Kimmel

The Giver- Lowis Lowery

When the Smoke Clears-Lynette Eason

Hopefully I can knock out most of these this summer and then have another list to read by the end of the month!!  


Other than that we will be doing lots of crafts, playdates, swimming, gardening and unpacking the house this summer!  Can’t wait to get started!!  



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