A Thief in the night….or…Broad Daylight I Should Say…..

We started out today excited to take out first adventure later this week in our new van, our first family trip!  Today was the day we prepped and so we decided to run some errands this afternoon in preparation.  One of the stops we had to make was to my Mother-in-Laws house because we were borrowing her cooler.  She was at work but she knew we were going over there and we had a key.  We pulled in the driveway and I stayed in the van with the kids (keep in mind we are in our huge, white, dark tinted windows, extended body, 15 passenger van).  He was gone about 15 minutes and came back, unable to find what he was looking for.  We got to the stop sign and I looked to my left and there was a cop car pulling into the neighborhood.  The cop turned his entire head around to get a good look at us and I thought that was strange.  I noticed in my mirror that he flipped around halfway down the street so I told Nathan I thought he was going to pull me over.  I went through a check list in my head, I stopped at the stop sign, was going the speed limit, plates aren’t expired, van had inspection up to date….what in the world could he pull me over for???  Sure enough his lights came on, he passed the car behind me and pulled behind our van.  I pulled to the side and Pumpkin started crying once she saw the lights reflecting in the car…..



Then before we knew it there were THREE police cars  and they were blocking off the street in BOTH directions!!!



We were surprised!!  Little did we know that one of the neighbors thought we were robbing the house!!  So I guess when the cops pulled us over they were expecting  this……


But instead they got this……..

Image(Yes that is pumpkin over my shoulder photo bombing us!)
Just a dad, and a mom with no make up, running errands!!  So sorry to take all the excitement out of their day, but we thought it was a little exciting!!  haha!

Maybe we need to invest in getting a decal on the side of the van or something so that we aren’t mistaken for Robbers anymore….

(Home Alone)

Then again, maybe not 🙂




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