It’s my 7th baby, get over it already….

I had thought that since we had a scare with this baby that people would be a little more sensitive with their comments and “concerns” of our family size but boy was I wrong!  This is my seventh child and there has NEVER been a pregnancy out of all seven that people where genuinely happy for us.  YES even the first baby was made out to be a scandal even though it really wasn’t!!  For years my feelings got hurt and I was so offended at people’s words and accusations; for the first three months of each of my pregnancies I would be in mourning over the thoughtless, heartless comments people would make!  But not anymore…it is my 7th baby-GET OVER IT ALREADY!

I’ve heard every question, every comment,every “concern” and “wise-crack” known to man about large families and to be honest it is just annoying!  Nothing anyone can say, or nothing anyone worries about “for me,” whether it be my finances or my health, will change the fact that I have another child ALREADY growing inside me!  It will also not change the fact that my husband and I BOTH believe that God is not finished giving us children!  When it is time for us to “be done” we will both know it and it will be a decision that we will make together- we are not planning to ask anyone else their opinion on how many children we should have so please don’t give it!

You are welcome to you opinions about us, and our family, how we choose to homeschool or how we choose to have many children, or why you THINK we have many children, or that we are Christians-you are also welcome to keep them to yourself because we are not interested in them, nor are we interested in hearing about them through other people.  The fact is- whether we have a lot of children, or ONE child there are advantages and disadvantages to both lifestyles!

I personally grew up with three older sisters.  I lived with two of them for the first 10 years of my life and then I was an only child for the next 9 years that I lived at home.  It wasn’t till recently I actually had a real relationship with any of them!  I consider my first few years as part of a family of five the happiest of my childhood!  I have good memories of hugs, tickles, Singing Christmas Carols, playing barbies, having someone fix my hair, walk me to the bus stop…there was someone there with me at all times and someone I knew loved me at every corner!  I was never alone!  My memories for the second half of my life are not quite the same, I remember being desperate for friends, boyfriends, my dad traveling a lot, sitting in my room alone wishing I had more friends, crying a lot, being lonely, and struggling with every relationship I had in my life.  While yes maybe my parents could afford to give me great clothes, great toys, electronics- but none of those things could ever replace the happiness I had when I had my sisters around.  Even though I was an only child for those several years I still had to buy my own car, pay rent once I graduated, and pay for my own cellphone and insurance if I wanted it.  Things were not always handed to me I was taught to work for them!

My children will never know what loneliness is!  They will never know what it is like to have everything yet feel you have nothing!  They will always appreciate things because they will have to work for them, they will not have handouts but they will have a chance at a great life because we will teach them how to accomplish that!  They are smart, well behaved, and all of them have a unbelievable faith and love for Jesus Christ!  I personally as their mother couldn’t ask for more!  I also know that when I am dead and gone, my children will not be lonely and will not mourn alone.  They will have many best friends in each other and will be able to look back on our life and see the many things that Christ has done for us because we were faithful to listen to his voice!!

If our family has learned anything this year it is that “God is in Control” and that “God will supply all of our needs.”  God’s control is not limited to just daily things in our life but he has control of every area of our lives- down to creating a child in the womb.  Our needs that he will supply does not stop at just getting to the gas station before we run out of gas, but every piece of bread, clothing, or dollar that comes into our home is there because HE gave it to us!  I do not believe that God will give us another child without giving us the financial means to supply our needs!

With this said, I’m expecting not to post this ever again because like I said- we are on baby 7…get over it already!  So in a few years if I end up posting that we are expecting unexpected blessing #10, just know that, that announcement isn’t to get your approval but just to let you know why I’m gaining weight again! 🙂

Children are a blessing from God, we will be finished having children when we feel that God has put it on our hearts to not have anymore children.  Until then I hope most of you can sit back and enjoy watching what God is doing in our lives!          


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