What is the purpose?

I used to  have huge emotional problems when I was having a hard time hearing God, or seeing him work in my life.  There was years that I prayed for the same thing and it never happened!  There was a time during those several years that I began questioning my faith in God because I just did not see his hand at work in my life like I wanted to see it! 

My mindset has changed a lot over the years.  I have gone from thinking that when things in life go wrong God isn’t listening to me, to asking God, “What are you trying to show me?”  “What is the point of this Lord?”  I really believe that everything that happens in my life, from who delivers my mail, to who bags my groceries that day has crossed my path for a reason.  I’m not always clear on the reason, but I know there is one.  I also believe that the path to God is a narrow path, it is hard, there are struggles and it sometimes seems like there are a million obstacles trying to knock you off the path!  I’ve noticed in our lives that we take the biggest hits when we are trusting God the MOST!!  However we also come through those tough times with more victory in the end than any other!  

Yesterday I posted about how God supplied us with a vehicle that will fit us all!  Our first conversation my husband and I had driving the van home yesterday went something like this, “I’m so excited to finally be able to take everyone places together, now we can finally start looking for a home church!”  

This afternoon as I wrote up my list for the grocery store, Pumpkin asked to go with me so I agreed.  That would mean taking the new van since it had all the car seats in it.  We were in a bit of a hurry to run out and get back quickly since we were under a Tornado watch and were not sure what the weather was going to do.  She buckled into her car seat, and when I went to turn the key to start the van…..nothing happened!!  My heart sank into my stomach as I began doubting our decision to listen to God and pay cash for that van!  I looked around and discovered we had left the lights on the day before so I turned them off and called my husband to come out and jump the van.  

Once it was running again, we pulled from the house and stopped at the stop sign and the entire van turned off!!  I started it up again and sat there a few minutes but when I tried to go again, it died!!  I decided I was going to have to back it up into our driveway because it was not going to stay running long enough to get turned around, so I began backing up all the way down the street to our drive way and it died again when I got to the end.  My husband came out and tried driving it around the neighborhood thinking that the battery just needs to be charged up more and it died over and over again!  

I ended up taking our old van and on the way to the store I found myself praying, “Lord, what was the purpose of this?  What is it you are showing us with this van not working today!?  Why are you allowing difficult things to hold me back while there is a Tornado warning so that I can’t get home quickly?  I just want to be safe Lord!  Please keep us safe!”  

At the store I became frustrated by people cutting me off to take a parking spot, and then hugely distracted when my husband called to let me know that he thought that the root-canal that he had earlier that afternoon was done on the WRONG TOOTH!!!  Again I found myself praying through Wal-mart, “Lord, it seems like such a silly thing- what are you trying to teach us with this?”  As I rushed to get home so that I could make dinner and not get stuck in a storm- I found an amazing short check-out line.  I started unloading my groceries happy that it will not be much longer before I get to my car, and as I stood in the same spot 25 minutes watching the older man scan my groceries one at a time I couldn’t help but catch myself praying, “Lord what are you trying to teach me through this?  I am just wanting to be with my family to make sure we are all safe!  How did I end up in this line?  Lord bless this older man, please let him be working here because he wants to have something to do during the day and not because he is desperate for money!  Please bless him and his family!”  

As I loaded my van, and made the drive home I found myself still asking God what the purpose of all that was!?  I realized then that I have the easiest time trusting God with all the big stuff: supplying our needs, house, car, children, finances; yet, I have a hardest time trusting him with the little stuff, the weather, tornadoes, dentist problems, broken down vans.  Its the silliest thing because most people- even non-Christians agree that the weather is an act of God, YET I cannot just let go and go about my life as though he has it under control!!  If he gave us the van- will he not help fix it if there is something wrong with it?  If he gives us 7 little girls- will he not guide me in how to raise them, If he controls the weather- will he not hear my prayer to keep my family safe?!  I feel like God was trying to slow me down today to show me that in the midst of my tiny fears- he is still ALWAYS in control of everything!!  There is NEVER a good reason to doubt him because He knows the plans he has for me, plans to prosper me not harm me!  

Funny thing is- there wasn’t a DROP of rain the entire time I was gone at the store, or on the way home!  When am I ever going to learn my lesson to just slow down and let go of the little things!  


Supernatural Swagger Wagon XXL…

After baby #6 got here in September, we began having to take two cars everywhere we went!  We could no longer fit our entire family in our 7 passenger van.  Because of this and the cost of gas, for the last 8 months we have just been sticking close to home most of the time, unless Grandma was able to come over so me and daddy could have date night at the grocery store!


We realized this past week that we were going to have to rent a van soon for a trip we had planned.  That rental for a large van was going to cost us $900.00 for the week!!  We’ve been very budget minded the last year, and have our hearts set on working towards living debt free!  I’m sure it will take us a while to get there but we are making strides in that direction.  We decided that in order to be a good steward of God’s money he has given us- it was a waste to pay $900.00 to use a van for a week when we needed one to keep!  So we went on the hunt for a 12 or 15 passenger van that would fit our family.  Every few hours of each day you could find me searching Craigslist for a van up to 200 miles away from us!  After a few weeks of nothing, I realized I needed prayer!!


I posted to my Christian brothers and sisters on facebook, asking if they would pray that God would provide us with a van that was in our price range.  Most everything we were finding was 6k more than we wanted to pay for it!  Many friends let us know they would start praying that we would be able to find a van within our price range- and one in particular that stuck out to me said that they were praying that “God would supernaturally provide” us with a van!  And that is exactly what he did!!


Saturday evening we saw a post on Craigslist.  It was a 15 passenger, 215k miles, and was missing the back seat.  It was also 500.00 less than I wanted to pay for a van!  I told Nathan “this has to be the right one cause we’ve been praying!!”  He called the guy who agreed to meet with us on monday!  Sunday evening when we texted asking for the vin number he told us he went ahead and sold it!!!  I was so devastated!  I just couldn’t understand why that happened when I knew that people had been praying for us to get a good van at a good price!!  BUT- I prayed again- asked for more prayer and thought to myself, “my God will supply all my needs.”


Yesterday we exhausted all options with finding a van.  We wanted to pay cash for it so we didn’t have a payment but had to stay withing our budget but there just was NOTHING!!  We looked at auctions, craigslist, and called car lots!  We even thought that maybe we would just have to finance a little more so we could get a van!  Well I’m glad we stuck with our instincts that “God would supply our needs” because that very night after asking for more prayer, I received an email from a friend.  It told me she got emails from a ministry here in town and just tonight they sent out an email that they were wanting to sell a 2002 15 passenger van, 147k miles, 1k less than our budget price, in EXCELLENT shape besides a few cosmetic issues!!  We called immediately!!!  We drove out this morning and then this afternoon we brought home our Supernatural, God given- 15 passenger van that we can ALL fit in plus more!!  The girls call it, “our bus!”



We are beyond excited that God has been using our lives to show his miracles!  I am thrilled that at the young age my children at at that they have already witnessed the hand of God moving in our lives and answering so many of our prayers at such an early age!  I pray that The Lord will allow them to always look back on what he has done for us, and supplied for us and never have any doubts about who holds their future in their hands!


Huge thank you to all who prayed for us!! Prayer makes a huge difference!!  Thank you!!

A real life love story…..

  Why you ask, do I not enjoy a good romance novel?  Because I have experienced, first hand, the most romantic, selfless love story anyone has ever read in my own personal life.  Compared to my love story- any non-fiction Romance is down right cheesy!  Some of you may know most of my story but for those of you who do not….I hope you enjoy.

Thirteen years ago, I was a Senior in high school.  I was a Christian who was still leaning the ropes of what Christ expected of me, I was also actively looking for that love that lasted forever!  See I knew the love of Christ but I had never really experienced the love of Christ- ( you will understand what I mean by that later on).  At Graduation I was dating my high school sweetheart whom I also thought loved the Lord like I did!  I went on to marry him at the young age of 19.  Three months before I married him- he threw me through a wall- yet I still married him!  Love is so blind when it is infatuation!  For two years, I hid the fact that I was being abused, mentally, and physically.  Then one day I was dragged down the hallway and thrown from my apartment barefooted.  I went to his family for support but was told if I wanted they would put me on a plane back to my parents- so I kept quiet-and we went through counseling.  Just when I thought things were beginning to look up, and we were talking about having children- I caught him with another woman.  He sold his truck and took all that money he got from it down to an attorney and filed divorce papers.  I thought my life was over!

I spent that Thanksgiving and the whole month of November- on the floor in my kitchen, praying that God would put my life back together.  I was 10 hours away from any of my family, my closest friend was in Colorado, and I was completely alone!  In December I packed up my Jeep and drove 10 long hours back to my parents house praying and asking God the entire way, “Lord- I don’t think that I can get through this alone, not knowing that one day I will have a family, not knowing that one day I will have a husband who loves me!”  I begged God  “PLEASE LORD send me a man who loves you more than me, and me more than anything else!”

It was the first time in my life I felt like I had absolutely no control over anything!  One night when I got back I was at a small group meeting and our small group leader decided to do a foot washing.  For those of you who don’t understand that- back in biblical days washing someone’s feet was a way that they showed hospitality and respect. It’s something that isn’t done much now days and can be a bit humbling when it is done to you!  That night I remember like yesterday because it changed my life! As our leader walked from person to person washing their feet, I began to get very uncomfortable!  At first I began getting angry because I didn’t want him to do that to me!!  I was not above him, I was a dirty, worthless person that no one wanted! I didn’t want him to do that, I didn’t deserve for him to do that!!  But it didn’t matter what I wanted because he was going to do it anyways!!   For the first time I realized the price that Jesus paid for my Sins!   Here I was feeling dirty, unclean, unwanted, thrown away, and no good for anyone else- and Jesus didn’t care one minute about that, he saw me as someone who was beautiful and worth dying for.  That night as my feet were washed by one of my most respected friends, I imagined myself arguing with Jesus, pleading with him to not get on that cross- DO NOT DYE FOR ME!!  Do not throw away your perfect, sinless, guilt-free life for someone who is dirty, used, sinful and broken!!  Please Lord I’m not going to change, I’m always going to be a sinner!!  I’m always going to do the wrong thing, and disappoint you!! I always disappoint everyone!  Then I heard the Lord whisper to my spirit, “I have already died for you, I chose to die for you because you are worth it!”


Lost puppy…

This little guy has stolen our hearts!!  We are so thankful to have him as a member of our large and growing family!  So thankful in fact, that today while he was napping and having dreams of frolicking through our huge back yard chasing after Sammy, we were all crying at the thought of losing him!


YES, we thought he was MISSING!!  We could not believe after all we went through the last several months, the death of our bunnies, our cat running away, and then not being able to find a dog to adopt- that our brand new puppy that we’ve only had for 5 whole days disappeared out of our back yard that was fenced in with a huge privacy fence!!!  One minute he was running around chasing after the kids, the next minute he was GONE!!  We searched all the crevices outside, along the fence, along the house, under the house!  We drove around the neighborhood looking for him, asking everyone we saw if they saw him, and even our neighbors were looking around for him!!  We searched through every single room in our house, the playroom, living room, under couches, inside of cabinets and closets, under beds, in baskets, under clothes behind the washer and dryer…..NO PUPPY!!!


For an hour in a half we yelled for him, tore our house apart, drove the neighborhood, and searched and re-searched the back yard and we came up with no puppy!!  My husband went out one last time to search the neighborhood and the girls and I got on our knees together and asked God to protect the puppy and help us to find him!  I posted on fb for immediate prayer.


I got a call from my husband saying, “he is nowhere, start making flyers and post on craigslist!”  I replied, “how in the world did this happen, there is just no way he could have gotten out of that fence, this is just so embarrassing that we can’t keep up with our animals!”   Feeling completely hopeless I pulled out my computer and messaged a friend who assured me that he would be back, and began posting an ad in the Lost/Found of craigslist.  I got the first line typed and heard my husband knocking on the front door so I put down my laptop and went to walk to the door and THERE HE WAS!!!  Running in circles, wagging his tale in the middle of the living room floor!!  That little stinker was asleep somewhere in the house!!!  WHAT A RELIEF!!!


I think we are done with animals for a LONG time after this!!  lol  I just am not sure why in the world we have these issues with them but our hearts just can’t take it anymore!!  I told my husband today, “I sure do wish that I could still not be an animal person so that this stuff didn’t bother me so much!”  Funny how seeing how much our children love something can soften our own hearts for the same things!  So thankful for answers to prayer!!    

Jesus makes it all better…

Horrible weeks like last week are so worth the tears, effort, time, and hard work that is done every day to keep our household going.  This past week I began feeling like I was a “house fairy” who does laundry, dishes, gives the children baths, makes dinner, gives out snacks, nurses the baby, does the bills, keeps a budget, plans out the garden, takes online courses, and is never seen at all.  I think most stay-at-home moms can identify with this at least ONCE in their stay-at-home careers.  Now I do have to say my children always tell me thank you, they ALWAYS complement me on my food I prepare, and make sure to hug me and tell me they love me at least once a day.  My husband walks in and tells me the house looks great, thanks for folding the clothes, you worked really hard today and thanks me for all that I do- NORMALLY.  But last week it seemed like everyone was so caught up in their own lives they forgot that they normally do this.

It was a terribly hard week with discipline!  We had children with bad attitudes, and lazy children who didn’t want to do school or chores, and on top of my daily normal things I have to do I had to stop an deal with these things first because making sure our children understand that when mom and dad say to do something you do not disrespect them, or making sure that our children understand that they have chores because we are all a family and we help each other, and making sure our children understand that God says it is right to honor your mother and father and they need to do this because GOD said not just because WE said, is all more important than anything else I have to do that day!  However, it is the MOST exhausting thing I do ALL WEEK LONG!!  I hate being the nagging mother who has to constantly stand behind her children and make them do what they are supposed to do!  This is not in my personality to do this, nor is it in my will to do this, I have to practically FORCE myself to do this because not only do I loath this- I find it unbelievably stressful!!  I want to throw myself on the floor right next to them some days and kick my feet and yell at them “why do I always have to make you do these things!!!”  I want to be the one crying about how unfair it is and that it is SUCH HARD WORK!!!!  I don’t think I ever understood when my parents used to say to me when I got punished, “it hurts me more than it does you” until I had my own children!!




Back on Valentines day we watched our beloved cat Elliott run out the front door when we opened it and we haven’t seen him since.  It was a hard day for Pumpkin as she is the biggest animal lover I have ever known!!  When Elliott was a kitten she would hold him on his back and tickle his belly and he would playfully swat at her hands and ended up scratching up her hands REALLY bad!!  One day she got a fever and ended up in the hospital because they thought she had rabies from the kitten (he was too young to get a rabies shot yet).  Then after further investigation they decided they thought she had “cat scratch fever” from all the scratch marks.  They scared the living daylights out of me and wanted to treat her for rabies but because I had scratches on myself and I was fine,  I knew it had to be some silly virus…which after trying to treat her for 15 days for rabies and I refused they finally tested her for step and it was POSITIVE- HELLO!!!  After that we decided it was in our best interest to get the cat declawed on his front paws.  It was over $400.00!!

Now that it has been almost two months since Elliott has left and we have not been able to find him, we decided it was time to start looking for a new dog.  Pumpkin was having trouble getting over it, she blamed herself because she said she was mad at him that morning and maybe if she had just kept him in her room that wouldn’t have happened.  We went through daily crying spells of how much she missed him and how maybe he didn’t remember her anymore and didn’t love her anymore.  We assured her he loves her so much and probably found a girlfriend, we had her write a letter to him and we spent many days talking about him.  Not only was she upset but it started affecting her attitude.  She became mean to her siblings and irritated at us, she didn’t want to do anything besides watch tv.  After two months of this I realized something needs to change.

A few days ago, she again had a tough morning.  She again had a crying spell about how much she missed Elliott to my husband.  I called her to my room that afternoon and sat on the bed with her.  We began to talk about Elliott and her feelings about what was going on.  In that one moment I realized that all that hard work I’ve done disciplining our children, showing them God’s way for their lives, taking time out of the day to work on their character and attitudes and hearts- was more than worth every minute I felt I wasted in the last week!  I sat and watched my 8 year old daughter pour her heart out and cry her eyes out about how she “JUST wants to be with Jesus because life is painful and hard and Jesus makes it better!”  I have never in all my life imagined that her sensitive heart at the young age of 8 years old could understand a concept that I myself did not fully understand until I was 29 years old!  When I was her age I remember praying and begging God to NOT come back yet and let me graduate, get married, have children, watch them get married…” Lord let me experience life” I would pray.  And here I am years later watching my 8 year old express that she JUST WANTS JESUS TO COME BACK so she can be with him!!  I often find myself asking “Lord why have you chosen ME to have all these children, it is SO hard!”  But all the tough times are so worth hearing my daughters love for the Lord expressed so greatly at such a young age!

My husband and I talked after that and felt like we had to get a new animal asap after that conversation with her.  Her heart was broken-and because of that our hearts were too- and we felt that it was important that she be restored.  We told her we would go looking for a new dog this time instead of a cat because we didn’t want to #1 pay another 400.00 to get it declawed and #2 run the risk of losing it again.  So after prayer and discussion we went and got our new puppy Koby.




On the way home that day Pumpkin was in the back of the van and I did not see her stop smiling at ALL.  A song came on the radio (christian station) and she says, “mom, can you turn up this song?”  i turned it up and looked in my mirror at the sweetest sight of my 8 year old with her eyes closed, hugging her new puppy, and praising her Savior!”  She recognized that God had blessed her with another animal to love in her time of loss and grieving.  He had restored her heart and she knew that the first thing that she should do is PRAISE THE LORD for all that he has done for her!  What a great ending to a horrible week!

In the midst of last week I didn’t know how I was ever going to make it to the end of the week!  I questioned everything about my parenting and told God I wasn’t getting anywhere with these kids it was JUST TOO HARD!!  It is not easy to guide soon to be 7 children down a narrow path that I have to stay on right behind them!!!  But then he showed me just a small glimpse of the light at the end of the tunnel!  Stuff like that is what carries me through into the next week, into the next 10 loads of laundry, into the next temper tantrum, and sleepless nights.  I am so grateful for my hard life because without hard work we will see no results in the end!  Thank you Lord for helping us to overcome the hard things in life and giving us Jesus to make it all better!!






Most parents biggest fear for their children is that they will make the same mistakes that you did!  I know that is one of mine!!  That is why our children will not be allowed to date!

I know this is a foreign subject to a lot of people, and most won’t agree with me and others will think I’m crazy for this, (so did I when I first heard about it); however, it makes so much sense to me now!

I spent my teen years and half of my 20’s, trying to figure out WHO I WAS!!  I had no idea who I was, what I was worth, or where I was going in life.  My main focus was finding someone who loved me and being a wife.  That was the only thing I knew I wanted in life because that meant I was going to be loved forever.  I always either had a boyfriend through school, or was chasing after someone to be my boyfriend.  I spent hours crying over feeling unwanted by boys who didn’t like me, being broken up with, or just daydreaming what it would be like to hold someone’s hand or be kissed.  I remember laying in my room watching “Saved by the Bell” and having day dreams of what it would be like to have a boyfriend like that!  I spent way too much time wishing for things that didn’t matter!  I had no concept of being equally-yoked with someone; I didn’t grow up in Church and the whole “only date someone who is also a Christian” idea was a good one to me, but I didn’t get why till later.   Because of this problem I had, I was not a good student, and I found my self-worth in what others thought of me.  This left me to be a very unhappy and emotional teenager and young adult.  If someone didn’t like me back, there must have been something wrong with me!

I never thought about how this affected my life until I saw an episode on “The Duggars” that talked about courting and why they court and they don’t date.  Every single reasoning made so much sense to me!!  It took me so long to figure out that my self-worth was not in what people though of me, but it was in what CHRIST thought of me!  It wasn’t until I was 23 years old that I finally started to see who I was and what my life was really about!  I wasted at least 19 years of my life (my earliest memory of a boyfriend was 4) worrying about what I meant to other people, and mourning over why people didn’t like me!  Those are precious years that I will never get back, that meant NOTHING, yet changed my life forever!

My children will not have boyfriends.  After careful thought I’ve realized that they are pointless in life!  I’ve been very careful that they do not watch television shows with kissing (unless married), or with teenagers in it who are dating or who “likes” each other.  Actually they are not allowed to watch any of the teen disney kid shows at all- most of them I’ve found the kids to be very disrespectful and we don’t need that in our house.  We’ve chosen to limit this as well because I don’t want my kids #1 aspiring to be like someone else and #2 having daydreams about what it would be like to kiss a boy.  Part of homeschooling allows our children to establish their own identities and figure out who they are apart from other children or comparing themselves to others.  Limiting their TV will also aid in this as well as not giving them a false hope for what real love is.

Dating as a teenager will only bring them heartbreak and allow them to establish a pattern of divorce (IMO).  Dating someone is really a simulation of being married in a milder form.  You are attracted to each other, you show affection- sometimes too much, you fight, you get tired of each other and then you break up.  All that energy and all your secrets you shared together are wasted!  You move on and get another boyfriend or girlfriend….and really what is the point.  What good does it do?  Gives you experience?  With what, walking away from things without fixing them?  Knowing how to be broken in life?  Knowing how to hold grudges of bitterness and resentment towards someone?  When I think of Ex-boyfriends that is what I remember, why we broke up and what they did to me to hurt me.  Those experiences could have been wiped from my life and it would have made things much easier for me.  My biggest problem was I did not want to wait for God to bring me the one he had for me, I wanted to find him myself and all it did was cause me heartache.  Once I finally let go of that area of my life and let God work, he brought me the most amazing man!  I could have never dreamed someone like him would love me!

 There are women and men in their 30’s and 40’s who are realizing that they never found who they were as a person because they were always wrapped up in their boyfriends or husbands and now that they are married they are divorcing so that they can experience the world!  That is a very sad reason!

Not having boyfriends will allow my children to focus on who they are in Christ.  Get to know Christ more intimately, be stronger women who will not need to have a man to feel like they can survive or are worth something (I’m not a feminist but it’s good for them to be self-sufficient, you never know what may happen in life).  If my children become married and have found their self-worth in their husbands instead of Christ, it can be detrimental to their marriage.  Feeling like someone has to love you a certain way in order for you to feel good about yourself is not a realistic relationship.  This only puts pressure on their husbands to be something that they were not designed to be.  We are all human and we are incapable of loving like Christ.  Only God knows the type of love we need and Only God is able to provide that.


It’s my 7th baby, get over it already….

I had thought that since we had a scare with this baby that people would be a little more sensitive with their comments and “concerns” of our family size but boy was I wrong!  This is my seventh child and there has NEVER been a pregnancy out of all seven that people where genuinely happy for us.  YES even the first baby was made out to be a scandal even though it really wasn’t!!  For years my feelings got hurt and I was so offended at people’s words and accusations; for the first three months of each of my pregnancies I would be in mourning over the thoughtless, heartless comments people would make!  But not anymore…it is my 7th baby-GET OVER IT ALREADY!

I’ve heard every question, every comment,every “concern” and “wise-crack” known to man about large families and to be honest it is just annoying!  Nothing anyone can say, or nothing anyone worries about “for me,” whether it be my finances or my health, will change the fact that I have another child ALREADY growing inside me!  It will also not change the fact that my husband and I BOTH believe that God is not finished giving us children!  When it is time for us to “be done” we will both know it and it will be a decision that we will make together- we are not planning to ask anyone else their opinion on how many children we should have so please don’t give it!

You are welcome to you opinions about us, and our family, how we choose to homeschool or how we choose to have many children, or why you THINK we have many children, or that we are Christians-you are also welcome to keep them to yourself because we are not interested in them, nor are we interested in hearing about them through other people.  The fact is- whether we have a lot of children, or ONE child there are advantages and disadvantages to both lifestyles!

I personally grew up with three older sisters.  I lived with two of them for the first 10 years of my life and then I was an only child for the next 9 years that I lived at home.  It wasn’t till recently I actually had a real relationship with any of them!  I consider my first few years as part of a family of five the happiest of my childhood!  I have good memories of hugs, tickles, Singing Christmas Carols, playing barbies, having someone fix my hair, walk me to the bus stop…there was someone there with me at all times and someone I knew loved me at every corner!  I was never alone!  My memories for the second half of my life are not quite the same, I remember being desperate for friends, boyfriends, my dad traveling a lot, sitting in my room alone wishing I had more friends, crying a lot, being lonely, and struggling with every relationship I had in my life.  While yes maybe my parents could afford to give me great clothes, great toys, electronics- but none of those things could ever replace the happiness I had when I had my sisters around.  Even though I was an only child for those several years I still had to buy my own car, pay rent once I graduated, and pay for my own cellphone and insurance if I wanted it.  Things were not always handed to me I was taught to work for them!

My children will never know what loneliness is!  They will never know what it is like to have everything yet feel you have nothing!  They will always appreciate things because they will have to work for them, they will not have handouts but they will have a chance at a great life because we will teach them how to accomplish that!  They are smart, well behaved, and all of them have a unbelievable faith and love for Jesus Christ!  I personally as their mother couldn’t ask for more!  I also know that when I am dead and gone, my children will not be lonely and will not mourn alone.  They will have many best friends in each other and will be able to look back on our life and see the many things that Christ has done for us because we were faithful to listen to his voice!!

If our family has learned anything this year it is that “God is in Control” and that “God will supply all of our needs.”  God’s control is not limited to just daily things in our life but he has control of every area of our lives- down to creating a child in the womb.  Our needs that he will supply does not stop at just getting to the gas station before we run out of gas, but every piece of bread, clothing, or dollar that comes into our home is there because HE gave it to us!  I do not believe that God will give us another child without giving us the financial means to supply our needs!

With this said, I’m expecting not to post this ever again because like I said- we are on baby 7…get over it already!  So in a few years if I end up posting that we are expecting unexpected blessing #10, just know that, that announcement isn’t to get your approval but just to let you know why I’m gaining weight again! 🙂

Children are a blessing from God, we will be finished having children when we feel that God has put it on our hearts to not have anymore children.  Until then I hope most of you can sit back and enjoy watching what God is doing in our lives!